Unit Study: Tigers

BW wanIMG_7695ted to learn about tigers, so that was our first unit.  We spent two weeks on this unit.  The biggest part of the unit was making and presenting a lapbook.  I am new to homeschooling, so this was a new concept to me.  Basically, you take 1-3 file folders, put them together in a variety of ways (ideas on YouTube) and then you attach little “mini books” with snippets of information about your topic.  I found the free pdf for this lapbook here.  BW looked forward to adding something to his lap book each day.

At the end of the unit, BW had a tigers presentation for the family.  He showed a short video, then shared his lapbook.  He decided he should pass an offering pIMG_7696late around to collect IMG_7697money to help the endangered tigers!  That was a good opportunity to practice counting money in math.

We also made a couple tiger paper crafts from here and here.

We really liked the “How to Draw a Cartoon Tiger” video on this website.

We also built a Lego tiger (not pictured).

We read lots of books from the library and spent some time on the National Geographic Kids website.  We also played a printable game about endangered species from the American Museum of Natural History website.IMG_7582

IMG_7698I got all the ideas for this unit free by searching online and requesting books from the library.  We not only learned some interesting things about tigers, we practiced reading and fine motor skills.  BW tried out public speaking.  He practiced searching the web and using word processing software.

The unit was not complete until we took advantage of some beautiful fall weather and saw a tiger – way off in the distance – at the zoo.  We had a lot of fun!




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